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 Having a good Refrigerant leak detector is a must if you want to have an effective and constant running Air Conditioning unit.  The reasons are countless, but a very important one being expenses. These can be fairly expensive and by constantly changing them would require an immense amount of money, thus by having one that runs smoothly is needed. Also it is required to detect any faults in the unit, and by having an effective one, it will help to prevent further damage for the future. Because of all these factors, customers need a detector that will tick all those boxes, so let’s find out which ones will help meet the criteria.

Inficon Tek-Mate Refrigerant Detector

What makes it so effective

The fact that it is so lightweight and portable means it makes it really easy to be carried around to many places, and can be used at any time.  it is also very energy efficient, and can run for longer periods of time without consuming a huge amount of energy and the fact that it runs on re-searchable batteries makes it more convenient for customers.  It also contains very sensitive detectors meaning that not only can it reach out to areas that are hard to navigate but also are able to detect leaks at a very efficient manner and it also produces a very loud alarm with an LED light that will go off once any fault or leak has been detected in order to inform the customers to take action.

Best Refrigerant Leak Detector

 Elitech ILD-200 

Why it’s so effective?

The first reason is because of its sheer  durability. The device is extremely firm and can withstand many conditions as a result it can last for up to 10 years without needing to be replaced in contrast to the norm in which they require frequent changes of sensors. Another thing that is positive about the Elitech ILD-200 is its long lasting batteries, which can last continuously for six hours which comes with rechargeable batteries and as it takes only four hours to charge, it allows the customers to use it for a whole day as the device only needs to be used for a couple of minutes at a time.

 Field piece SRL8

This is another amazing alternative that many HVAC technicians desire and make sure it is on their ‘ to get’ list.  This device can last up to two whole days of continuous solid action but only if it is charged at full capacity for 15 hours and is even re-searchable with batteries. Another one of its attributes is that it comes with a lot of strength and sensitivity. Not only can it survive any damage causing accidents, but it can also detect any faults or leakages very easily, in fact too easily, as one of the flaws with this device is that it is made to be too sensitive and in instance would find it hard to differentiate between a leakage or just regular soap and water.